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Check out our low rates! Azerbaijan - Fixed: 15.25¢/min, Canada: 1.5¢/min, China: 1.3¢/min, Germany - Fixed: 1.0¢/min, Germany - Mobile: 4.7¢/min, Turkey Fixed: 3.9¢/min, Turkey Mobile: 12.9¢/min, Turkmenistan: 11.9¢/min, visit our rates page to see more...
FND TEL has pin-less Dialing
International Forwarding Service
Assign local numbers to your family and friend for Direct Dialing
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FNDTEL aka Efendi Telecom or Telekom : We have been in the VOIP business providing high quality origination and termination services on international routes for over the past 10 years. Our main office is located in New Jersey, USA. We are in the wholesale business and would like to extend the good quality and low rate directly to our customers. Our policy is simple: No contracts, no gimmicks and no strings attached. Customers should not be force to make a call just to use their minutes before they expire.

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