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Country Code + Destination + # For example to dial a destination in Turkey 905355555555# No need to dial 011 or 00.

Pinless dialing

No need to remember any PIN. All your phone numbers will be registered in the system.

Speed Dial

No need to remember anyone's number and try to enter all the digits one by one. Just setup a speed dial entry and you'll be dialing them with one push of a button.

Direct Dial

You can dial your overseas contacts directly from your cell phone. All you have to do is assign a destination number for a given access number on our site and when you dial the assigned access number your call will be directly connected to the destination you had set up earlier.


You can recharge at any time. Just click on 'Add money' button and follow instructions.

View your Call History

You can view call history on our web site. Sign on to your account and clik the 'Call History' button to see your call history.

Add or remove Called ID's

In order to use Pinless Dialing, Speed Dial and Direct Dial your Caller ID's must be authorized on our system. Click on 'Caller ID' button and add all your Caller ID's

PIN dialing

You can call from any phone using the PIN.


Its simple. No sign up fees, No termination fees, No monthly fees, No usage fees or any other fees.

Call from Sip Device or Softphone

You can make calls directly from the any sip device or Softphone using your login credentials. Contact us for sip access and we'll provide you with instructions.


To see the rate for a particular destination click on 'Rates' button and type in your destination number.


We have been in the VOIP business providing high quality origination and termination services on international routes for over the past 10 years. Our main office is located in New Jersey. We are in the wholesale business and would like to extend the good quality and low rate directly to our customers.Our policy is simple: No contracts, no gimmicks and no strings attached. Customers should not be forced to make a call just to use their minutes before they expire.

When it comes to communication and VOIP, our parent company MADEN TECH, LLC is in the forefront providing total VOIP solution. We are managing and supporting hundreds of VOIP service providers terminating high quality international and domestic routes. Check out our website www.qtpx.com to see who we are and to get to know our background. Fndtel.com is managed by the same team and you can expect the same quality and customer service.

We have our own systems, servers and support engineers enabling us to provide crystal clear VOIP service without any interruption 24/7 from the US to all over the world. You may also download and use the PC to Phone dialer to call from anywhere in the world using high speed internet connection.

We have low rates for all around the globe. Check out our low rates by clicking the rate tab from the home page. You would be able to make calls to all the countries listed. To keep the rates low, we provide customer support via email. We will answer all you questions within 24 hours, guaranteed! Relax and enjoy talking to your friend and family around the world.

*Minutes never expire.


Corporate Office Adress

FNDTEL aka Efendi Telecom

9 Pebble Ln

Cherry Hill, NJ 08002, United States

Phone : +1 646 822 1280

Fax : +1 646 514 5932

Email: info@fndtel.com

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